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NHS Scotland
Management Training Scheme

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NHS Scotland is one of Scotland’s largest employers. If you want a chance to make a real difference to people’s lives, join our Management Training Scheme.

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After graduating I was looking at sort of obviously my options and looking at the absolute variety of graduate schemes that exist out there. 

There are certainly loads within the private sector, and they are a great fit for some people, but for me they just felt a bit generic sometimes, and just didn’t give the same sort of personality and values that I was looking for in a scheme. 

So first of all I was drawn to the NHS England scheme, and, as good as it sounded - it fitted in with my values and it was a chance to progress within the NHS, which was something I wanted - there were aspects of, I think, the size of it that put me off slightly, the size of the cohort. 

So, when I found the NHS Scotland training scheme, that just felt like the perfect fit.  It was the first time I’d read a graduate scheme and thought “Yes, this is what I want, this is the right opportunity, the right length, the right Masters that will tie in, and a small enough cohort that you’ll get really good experience within a really good group” and it just felt like the right fit.

The 2021 application window has now closed

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Katherine Turnbull

General Management

I feel I have learned a lot not only about the NHS and about management, but also about myself. The scheme encourages you to use a lot of self-reflection and gives you the time and resources to be able to do this well.

Alasdair Dodds

Financial Management

I didn't want to do a job that was chasing pounds for shareholders. I wanted something that would make a genuine difference. So, I looked in to the public sector and came across the NHS scheme.

Mark Rodgers

General Management

Be yourself, the process of applying is as much about you finding out if the scheme is right for you as it is about the assessors discovering if you are right for the scheme.